Released January 16, 2013  "Vanisher"

is another subterranean journey into the realms of Raw Boom Bap.

All Tracks Produced Mixed and Mastered by Suzuki Kaioh Hokuto Kids
*Hokuto Fists Produced by DJ Funky Beat reppin Japan guest appearanced by "Ukey" and Lokwan

Lyrically. OG KUSH!

Vanisher is full of certified bangers!! featuring one of Kaiohs most popular tracks "Go Ahead" which showcases Kaiohs uncorforming views and disdain for the trendy Hip Hop world over a headnodding fly unique sample and funky bassline.  Get into the zone with the eerie stormy night vibe sampled masterpiece "Pro Tools" which explains Kaiohs progression past the days of an awkward youth. Give it a listen and if youre feelin it add it to your collection.


Peace SK


"Go Ahead" Official Video

"Pro Tools" Official Video


"Connected" Official Video