Recorded in late 2015 & released 2016 Valkyrie

is another subterranean journey into the realms of Raw Boom Bap. Mostly produced by

Suzuki Kaioh.

With guest production by "Ill Magestic" on the track "Aint the Same Scene"

This project is laced with many different soundvibes ranging from Neo Funk Hop to Zentradi Confusing Necksnappers, Sprinkle in a little futuristic Boombapisms and 80s Japanese anime obscure grooves. etc etc etc. you know the styles.


The title Valkyrie is inspired by the main mecha on the SFD Macross 80's anime series.

So lots of samples and clips from the Macross DYRL universe are featured word to Breetai.

Kaioh comes thru with metaphorical razors

contained inside crytpic verbal puzzles or

Right up in your FACE!. As usual you might

here uppercuts at the corrupt system that plagues mankind,

Or braggodocious tales of sqaushing

weak emcees with no effort. Kaiohs growing

distaste for the overall wussification and

bitchassness sensitivity levels of people these days is also addressed in the track

"Thats the Game" which samples the classic

PC Engine game "Bonk"

Recorded at SKGA soundlabs Brooklyn NYC

mixed, mastered, arranged and 100%d by Suzuki Kaioh. Also featured is the

homie  Lokwan in the beastly

rugged headnodder called "Nanto Gaiden"

Give it a listen and if you feelin it add it to your collection.

Peace SK



"Crystal Ball" Official Video