Released late 2016 "DCU"

is another subterranean journey into the realms of Raw Boom Bap. Entirely produced by Suzuki Kaioh. named after the popular comic franchise "DC" universe. mmorpg.



Top notch verbal axe choppin' golden styles, As shocased in the track "RIP Mr. Fuji" which samples the classic villain theme of Zod from Superman 2. featuring SKGA agent Odell Lancaster on the track "June" laced with a jazzy funk sample.  One of the more dance friendly tracks is the upbeat "Silent Fighter" which samples 80s anime "Hokuto No Ken"

15 raw tracks courtesy of SK. with many flavors and styles for you to absorb. Give it a listen and if you feelin it add it to your collection.


Peace SK



"Silent Fighter" Official Video