Blunts and Mecha

Released July 14, 2013Totally Produced, Mixed, Arranged and Mastered by Suzuki Kaioh Hokuto Kids Empire

Featuring appearances by UKEY, Amuro Rei, D Strong, Citizen Kane MHB, and Ummm the Destroyer.  Blunts and Mecha is another subterranean journey into the realms of Raw Boom Bap. Mostly produced by

Suzuki Kaioh


Lyrically. Gamma Rays!

Very spacey project with lots of sci fi noises and fx sprinkled over Boom Bap Gems

for example the opening track "Macross Kids" which verbally reinforces Kaiohs claims of being one of the original anime influenced hip hop artists way before the trend wave hit.

No Gimmicks involved in Kaiohs creations.

Give it a listen and if you feelin it add it to your collection.


Peace SK