Atypical Deviants

Recorded & released early in 2017

is another subterranean journey into the realms of Raw Boom Bap and Poetry meshed. Entirely produced by Suzuki Kaioh who has now teamed up with Brooklyn spoken word powerhouse "Nora Nostrand" to form

Atypical Deviants.

A Much fitting title for their unusual alliance




Both Kaioh and Nora deliver thought provoking content ranging from Sleep Paralysis and Corner Store Capers

to police brutality and injustice. The project was featured in Bandcamps best new Hip Hop projects of June 2017 peep the article below they wrote.




"The Atypical Deviants project is the brainchild of the Brooklyn-based Suzuki Kaioh and the spoken word artist Nora Nostrand. The tone shifts constantly, venturing into the experimental, with the deep jazz of the opener, “Puppy Chow,” which quickly gives way to the hazy bodega vignette “Bedstuy Deli Poetry.” Elsewhere, Suzuki critiques the city’s street-level law enforcement tactics on the gnarly “NYPD,” while coining the top notch couplet “Washington Heights / Yikes!”

—Phillip Mlynar"


Give it a listen and if you feelin it add it to your collection.


Peace SK


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